Canopies & Ute Lids in Dubbo

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Highly Durable Fibreglass

If you want a stylish, functional and durable ute canopy to protect your cargo, talk to the team at TJM Dubbo. We offer convenient and high-quality canopies, finished in a smooth colour-coded paint to match your vehicle. The TJM canopy also features frameless and tinted tempered glass windows to reduce UV damage and secure your cargo. Whether you choose the Buddy, Stylish or TJM Premium Canopy, you are sure to be satisfied. Our team takes pride in providing the very best accessories for fellow 4x4 enthusiasts – installing all products carefully to ensure your vehicle is protected at all times.
Aeroklas Canopy — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW


Aeroklas canopies are thermoformed from a single piece of ABS, meaning there is minimal potential for stress points. This twin-skin design is incredibly lightweight, strong and stylish. Talk to our team about assessing your vehicle and providing a canopy that best suits your needs.

Ute Lid Accessories

Keep your tools, belongings and cargo safe with premium-grade ute liners from TJM. This superior product will protect the inner walls of your tray, with a strong, flexible and ultra-durable guard that won’t chip, crack or warp. Made from premium-grade HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), your ute will be protected at all times.
Aeroklas U-Box Gravity — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Frequently asked questions


What is the benefit of a ute canopy?

Ute canopies increase the storage capability of your vehicle, by giving you a secure space to leave your belongings. As canopies can be locked and are available with tempered glass and other security features, this is a worthwhile investment for ... Read more

Does TJM Dubbo install ute canopies?

Yes. We not only manufacture and supply ute canopies – we can also install them without hassle. Talk to our team about finding the right canopy to suit your needs. We will get the job done quick so you can get back to your off-road adventure!

Will installing a canopy affect my GVM?

Yes. Be sure to consider this before installing a ute canopy. If required, our team can upgrade your GVM so your ute can carry more weight and easily handle the new canopy. If you’re not sure what your GVM is, bring your vehicle to TJM Dubbo today and we can assess it.
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