4x4 Compressors in Dubbo

Yellow Air Compressor — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Designed For All Applications

TJM has developed a range of air compressors and accessories that are ideal for all 4x4s and off-road adventures. Our compressors deliver faster inflation, longer running times and powerful internal componentry. Whether portable or mounted, you will benefit from this advanced convection cooling system!
Tjm Mount Compressor — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

TJM HD Vehicle Mount Compressor

With a 3-year warranty, ADR compliance and Australia-wide support, you won’t regret choosing the TJM mount compressor. Ideal for tyre inflation, diff locker activation and so much more, this mounted compressor is perfect for anyone who takes off-roading seriously! Talk to our team for more information.
Air Compressor — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

TJM Portable Air Compressor

Simple to use, easy to carry, highly functional – the TJM portable air compressor is perfect for any adventure. With a wide range of attachments available, this product is an ideal investment. Whether camping or going off-road, you will always be glad to bring this portable piece of kit!
Pro Locker Air Compressor — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

TJM Pro Locker Air Compressor

Ultra-compact and vehicle-mounted – this product can fit under the bonnet or in tight places. Designed to activate your pro lockers, this air compressor is a must for anyone going off-road. For more information on our range of air compressors, call the team at TJM Dubbo today.

Frequently asked questions


What is an air compressor used for?

Air compressors are used for a range of purposes – but in the case of 4WDing they are most important for inflating and deflating tyres. That’s because tyre pressure needs to be changed depending on the terrain.

Where do I mount the compressor?

This depends on a few factors. Some people choose to mount compressors within their bonnet, but this is not the ideal spot for them. Instead, look for space inside the vehicle. This will keep the compressor at a more stable temperature, which will ensure longevity for your installation. Talk to the team at TJM Dubbo for more information.

How do air compressors work with diff lockers?

Manual diff lockers need to be activated via a switch. This is often done using an air compressor which will lock the diff causing the car to drive in a straight line.