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Winches, Jacks, Straps & Hitches

Recovery gear is essential for any off-road journey. TJM offers a variety of recovery solutions to give you peace of mind and protection on your adventure. From equaliser straps and recovery gloves, to drag chains, winches and jacks – we have everything you need to rescue your 4x4 from the tightest of situations!
TJM Torq Winch — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

TJM Torq Winch

This risk-management tool is essential when heading out to remote locations. With even more power for increased line speed and fast recovery, our Torq winches are available in a wide range of options to suit most 4x4s. From 9,500lb to 12,000lb, you will always be able to rescue your 4WD in a pinch.

Recovery Kits

Our recovery kits have everything you need should you find yourself stranded. A blanket, heavy-duty recovery gloves, snatch blocks – we have sourced the best products to ensure your safety. From the Soft Shackle NexGen pro to a jack, hitch and winch straps, you will always have a solution in a bind. Tree trunk projector, equaliser strap, drag chains – keep this recovery kit in your vehicle at all times!
Recovery Kit — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Frequently asked questions


What is the Soft Shackle NexGen Pro?

The Soft Shackle is a lightweight and flexible synthetic rope used to fasten recovery straps to the front or back of your vehicle. As they are relatively small and easy to carry, they are an absolute must-have in your recovery kit. With a warranty of 2 years and made with 12-strand High Modulus ... Read more

How do I recover my 4x4 from sand?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your vehicle stuck in sand. If you become stuck, you will need either a snatch strap or recovery tracks. If using tracks, the first step is to dig some of the sand out from in front of your wheels. Once that’s done, push the recovery tracks under the ... Read more

Why do I need recovery gloves?

Protecting your hands is very important, especially when using winches and straps with high-powered vehicles. This is an added safety precaution to help you keep a cool, calm head should you need to recover your vehicle during your next big adventure!
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