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Snorkel — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Airtec, Stainless & Air Ram

Snorkels are one of the most commonly installed accessories for 4x4s. That’s because they offer a wide range of benefits including increased engine performance and fuel efficiency, with reduced maintenance. Snorkels also help prevent dust, water and other contaminants from entering your engine. At TJM Dubbo, we offer a range of snorkels that can be designed to suit your vehicle’s shape, for a seamless installation that will look great and function well into the future. Whether on or off-road, a snorkel ensures your engine gets the purest air – making crossing rivers or battling high tides an absolutely cinch!
Stainless Snorkel — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW


We offer the following snorkels for your vehicle:
  • Airtec snorkels
  • Stainless snorkels
  • Air ram snorkels
For more information, don’t hesitate to call TJM Dubbo. Our team will assess your vehicle type and needs to provide a free quote on supply and installation.

Frequently asked questions


What does a snorkel do?

A snorkel moves the air intake of your vehicle from under the bonnet to roof height, helping your engine receive air that is cleaner and less contaminated. This is ideal not only for wet terrains, but all forms of driving. A snorkel will increase ... Read more

Can you install the snorkel on my vehicle?

Yes. TJM Dubbo provides snorkel installations or replacements as part of our comprehensive service. Check out our range online or call the team and they can walk you through the process.

Are your snorkels powder coated?

It depends what model you choose. Our stainless steel snorkels are available in a wide range of designs, including brushed and powder coat steel! Stainless steel snorkels are more hard-wearing than their plastic counterparts and also look more stylish.
Airtec Snorkel — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW