Roof Racks in Dubbo

Roof Rack — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Powder Coated Aluminium

Bring everything you need on your next off-road adventure. TJM Dubbo manufactures and installs roof racks so no matter what you’re hauling, you can lock it down tight and get off the beaten track. Whether you’re bringing bikes, kayaks, cargo boxes or something else, we can install your racks to suit. Available as both bars and rails, our roof platforms are ideal for a huge range of vehicle sizes, makes and models. With built-in perimeter channels, you can mount your accessories in a range of additional positions – giving you full control over your off-road experience. For the best performance in the toughest conditions, try the LockNLoad Platform!
It’s all part of the comprehensive 4x4 service that TJM Dubbo prides itself on. If you’re not sure where to begin, contact our friendly team and we can provide a free quote for your convenience.
Roof Racks Bar — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Roof rack bars & rails

Designed for the heavy duty applications and are very reliable. Roof rack bars and rails are known to be the LockNLoad system ultimate 4x4 solution!
Roof Rack Platforms — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW

Roof rack platforms

Super tough, innovated and comes in a variety of different sizes and styles! Designed to have the ability to mount your accessories with the best LockNLoad performance.

Frequently asked questions


What is the difference between roof racks and rails?

Roof racks are installed across the roof, while rails are used up the sides of the roof. Each offers its own range of benefits and applications. Depending on what you’re planning to haul, one might be more suited than the other. Talk to the team at TJM Dubbo about your off-road needs. They will walk you through the process and find the ideal product to suit your vehicle.

What is a roof platform?

Unlike racks and rails, a roof platform is a panel designed to give an added level of safety and security. Because items hauled on a platform are not in direct contact with the vehicle, they are kept steadier while driving – ensuring a secure hold no matter how rough the terrain gets.

How do you stop corrosion of roof racks?

TJM roof racks are made of aluminium and powder coated with superior e-coating to ensure they are protected against the elements and ready for anything.
Roof Rack — 4x4 Accessories in Dubbo, NSW